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Honours Projects

Associate Professor David Morgan

Position: Associate Professor
Phone: 9360 2813
Room: Lab 1.007


Much of my past and present research has focused on the distribution, biology and ecology of freshwater fishes in Western Australia. Research has also focused on many of the State’s threatened freshwater fishes and I have also been involved in assessing the impacts of introduced fishes in Western Australia. For a detailed account of past and present projects see http://wwwscieng.murdoch.edu.au/centres/fish/curres/Freshwater.html


A range of Honours projects within the field of freshwater fish and crayfish are available at the Freshwater Fish Group in the Centre for Fish & Fisheries Research. As an example, projects include: “Ecological migrations of fishes in the Blackwood River”; “Biology of the freshwater shrimp Palaemonetes australis”; “Biology and impact of the introduced Rosy Barb Puntius conchonius”; “Ecology of the Western Hardyhead Leptatherina wallacei”. For information on any of these projects or other matters please contact myself on the above number or via email.



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