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School of Veterinary and Life Sciences

Honours Projects

Professor Neil Loneragan

Position: Chair / Professor of MarineEcology and Conservation
Phone: 9360 6453
Room: BioSc 2.023


Linkages between coastal habitats, fisheries and biodiversity

Research on estuaries and coastal habitats such as seagrasses and mangroves has revealed their importance to the production of fish and crustacean populations and assemblages. Further research is being developed to better understand the food webs of these different systems to be able to predict the response of these systems to environmental change.

Building understanding of estuarine and marine ecosystems

Modeling approaches are being explored to develop greater understanding of how marine food webs function and how they will respond to changes in the system, both those induced by man and those due to environmental changes. These approaches are starting with the Jurien Bay Marine Park as part of a collaboration between the Centre for Fish and Fisheries Research and the Strategic Research Fund for the Marine Environment, led by CSIRO.

Fisheries Ecology

The behaviour of fish and crustaceans has important consequences for how they respond to fishing and determining how much of the available biomass fishing activities are removing. Projects are being discussed with researchers at the Department of Fisheries, WA for research in this area, particulary for prawns and lobster.

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