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Prof Anthony W.D. Larkum

School of Biological Sciences A08
University of Sydney
NSW 2006

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Cyanobacteria of coral reefs, especially symbiotic cyanobacteria. Special emphasis has been given over the past ten years to Prochloron (a Chl a+b containing organism) in didemnid ascidians and Acaryochloris amrina which has largely Chl d and a small amount of Chl a).

Coral bleaching and the role of zooxanthellae. Special emphasis on i) the molecular mechanisms which act as the primary target for high temperature damage/modulation, and ii) the role of the symbiosome
membrane in normal and bleaching corals.


Emphasis on the use of spectophotometric and fluorimetric techniques to follow photosynthetic systems in algae. This includes fast photometric and fluorimetric techniques and Pulse Amplitude Moulated (PAM) fluorimetric techniques. The latter inlcude a wealth of experience with the following PAMs: PAM 2000, Diving, PAM, Water PAM, Phyto PAM and Imaging PAM.