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The BEAM Network, a network of Australian researchers from academia and industry, supports inderdisciplinary and collaborative research into understanding the limitations on microalgal growth and supporting the development of new, commercial-scale microalgae culture systems, the production of fine chemicals, bioactive compounds and renewable fuels (Biodiesel, Bioethanol and Hydrogen), as well as environmental applications such as monitoring the physiological state of phytoplankton in the environment, management of algal blooms, CO2 bioremediation and algal/bacterial systems for the bioremediation of contaminated soils. Research focuses especially on photosynthetic light utilisation efficiency and carbon fixation, chlorophyll fluorescence, biochemistry of secondary metabolites, molecular biology and photobioreactor design and engineering, informed by an understanding of the ecology of these algae.


The BEAM-RIRDC Algae Biofuels Group supports the development of biofuels from algae in Australia.


Supported by:

Network Convenor:

Michael A. Borowitzka


The Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation

The Australian Research Council

Rio Tinto

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