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The BEAM-RIRDC ALGAE BIOFUELS GROUP is a network of the principal researchers, industry representatives, policy makers and others interested in the development and commercialisation of sustainable biofuels from algae in Australia. The group provides independent advice on algae and algal biofuels, and supports research collaboration.

The group holds an annual meeting in conjunction with the Bioenergy Australia Conference, as well as with other related conferences, workshops, training sessions and other events. There also is an on-line news and discussion web site for members.

If you wish to join the BEAM-RIRDC ALGAE BIOFUELS GROUP and the on-line news and discussion group, or if you have any questions, please contact the group convenor, Prof Michael Borowitzka.


BEAM-RIRDC supported conferences in 2012 (see News page)

2nd Algae World Australia (Perth 16-17 April 2012)

8th Asia-Pacific Conference on Algal Biotechnology (Adelaide 9-12 July 2012)

Bioenergy Australia (November 2012)

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